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The Lagree method is a multi-faceted workout that combines resistance training and cardio into one comprehensive balanced system to jump-start metabolism, burn fat,  increases flexibility and strengthen the body.

Our classes are taught on the Megaformer M3S and work the body’s slow twitch muscle fibers.  The method is born from traditional Pilates allowing for a low-impact and safe on the joints and spine workout. The method is intense on the muscles, therefore you should allow for your at least one day of rest in between Lagree classes.


Lagree Fitness is offered at both Southdowns and Highland Park locations.

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This intense mix of treadmill intervals and strength training is 45 minutes of exquisite torture.


GRIND it out with bosu balls, weights, bars, and bands for maximum caloric burn!  Get your heart rate up and burn more fat in less time! 


Our HIIT training will work your entire body and keep you burning calories well after class is over!

The Grind Class is only offered at the Highland Park location.

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In our Climb class, we utilize the VersaClimber for a 30-minute, low-impact, full body cardio workout.  The VersaClimber provides a more complete, total body exercise by toning all the major muscles of the arms, chest, shoulders, back, hips, butt and legs in one fluid motion.  Unlike other cardio machines, the VersaClimber uses no momentum, requiring your body to perform all of the work.


The VersaClimber’s smooth, fluid stride is a safe, non-impact exercise.  There’s no pounding of knees, joints, or hips, lowering the risk of bodily stress and injury.


Calories per Activity:

Walking                      3.0 mph          228 calories burned per hour

Bicycling                     9.4 mph         384 calories burned per hour

Running                     7.5 mph          792 calories burned per hour

VersaClimbing           0.9 mph          972 calories burned per hour


Climbing against gravity also burns more calories than any other exercise. Studies show that although climbing speed is slower than other activities, the VersaClimber is the ultimate fat burner.

The Climb Class is only offered at the Highland park location.

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Our Combo classes combines both the Megaformer and the VersaClimber for a 45 minute toning and calorie torching class. 


Classes will consist of 30 minutes on the Megaformer and 15 minutes on the VersaClimber.

The Combo Class is only offered at the Highland park location.



Our yoga classes will move you through a series of yoga postures(asana) that are intelligently sequenced together so that you move into a rhythmic flow, stringing one pose to the next, moving breath to movement.  Class will start with breathing exercises, warmup, and sun salutations, and progress through 3 different yoga flows(sequences) that all build up upon each other, eventually reaching a peak pose in the 3rd sequence.  Classes will be themed around the peak pose of class, to ensure that all parts of the body are warmed up and open to an advance posture.  All classes receive a relaxing cool down phase and end in savasana.  Expect a good sweat, and leave feeling energized and strong.  Our studio offers Yoga for All Levels, Yoga Basics, and Yoga for Kids.

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